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Pierre Luc Lalonde is a versatile musician specializing in funk, blues, pop/rock and Jazz/Instrumental music. P-L is recognized for his heavy playing style and the consistent performances he gives.

After working as a Drummer and Music Manager for the world’s biggest cruise line company, Carnival Cruiseline, Pierre is currently working on developing his music career in Londrina, Brasil. He is performing with multiple acts in the city from Jazz trios to Cover Bands and Prog-Rock Band Hocus.

In November 2015, after graduating with distinction from the MMus in Popular Music Performance he undertook at the ICMP in London England, Pierre was offered a contract with Carnival Cruise Lines where he got to perform nightly, playing different genres every night at a professional level while travelling the world. After his first contract, Pierre was promoted to Music Manager meaning he oversaw the music program and musicians on whichever ship he was assigned to while performing nightly. From late 2015 to 2019 Pierre got to connect with, inspire and work to get the best out of the very talented and inspiring musicians on board the ships.

In September 2014 P-L leaves Canada to study music performance in London, UK. During his trip he had the chance to play with upcoming artists in multiple London venues and meets musicians from all over the world. At the end of his journey in London, UK, PL graduated with distinction from the MMus in Popular Music Performance he undertook at the ICMP. During his Master’s studies he explored: Odd Time Signature performance, advanced ensemble leading techniques, Funk from a cultural/performative perspective and completed a Practice as Research project in which he examined the impact of music technologies on Live Music Performance through an academic research paper and a recital. P-L is now developing his own style as a musician and ensemble leader by creating projects which will fulfill his desire to perform as well as explore and study the art of music performance.

A few years earlier, P-L had followed guidance from the talented educator/drummer, Chuck Burrows who guided him towards his undergrad studies. In 2010, Pierre Luc applied to Humber College where he got accepted and has the chance to be studying with some of the best players/educators in Canada. During his journey at Humber College, Pierre Luc had the chance to study with Bob McLaren, Paul Delong, Mark Kelso and Larnell Lewis with whom he improved his versatility, technique and musicality. P-L also studied with world-renowned recording engineer and producer Ian Terry in music production class, aesthetics of recorded sounds and for his final recording project.

The highlight of his time in Humber College consisted of working closely with Mark Kelso. From private lessons, master classes to the 70’s funk ensemble Mark leads; P-L had the chance to study with the respected international level drummer for 4 years. P-L also has the chance to be part of different projects in Toronto and Montreal blues bands, pop/rock emerging artists and Funk/Fusion band. He also does session work tracking drums for local pop artistsDJ’s and records with many Humber College students for their personal recording projects.

While Pierre Luc was completing his undergraduate degree, he had the chance to share the stage with Brian Tyler. Brian is a talented Blues vocalist from the Montreal area; P-L learned how to play “the blues” with the help of veteran bluesman Brian. Brian is currently touring Québec extensively after competing in television show and vocalist’s competition “The Voice 2013” held in Québec.  While working with Brian, P-L also got the opportunity to play with Justin Boulet, son of the late Gerry Boulet; Québec’s legendary vocalist from Blues/Rock band Offenbach. With Justin, they paid tribute to the art of the Quebec Legend and play the blues/rock hits that changed the French Canadian music industry.

Pierre Luc started playing at the young age of 8; he took private lessons with several local drum teachers from L’Orignal, Ontario; area where he was born. After playing in the high-school band and performing with several semi-professional bands, Pierre Luc started playing for bands of the Montreal and Ottawa area where he developed his rock n roll and funky drumming style. At age 15 he received a call to sub in for French-Canadian pop Vocalist Manon Seguin to perform a few local shows. He then started getting calls to sub in for professional Pop artists from the Montreal/Ottawa area. While P-L was studying music in Cegep, he released and album with a rock band, “D-Activ8”, the band got good reviews and won 3rd place at the Big Money Shot contest in 2009 organized by the radio station live 88.5.

Quote: Mark Kelso, educator and professional drummer said: “Pierre-Luc Lalonde is one of the most professional drummers I have ever worked with. He plays with a ton of passion and is always keen to do the best job possible when performing. He works unbelievably hard at giving whomever he is working for 110% all the time. He’s got a fantastic work ethic and a great attitude toward those he works with which will serve him really well in the industry. I’ve nicknamed him the “Tank” because he’s so solid when laying down a groove. It’s been my absolute pleasure having him in my Groove Merchants ensemble for the past two years. I look forward to hearing great things about him in the future!” (Mark Kelso, 2014)


“Pierre Luc received an award from the from Association of Popular Music Education in Dec 2015 for Best Overall in the MMus of Popular Music Performance”

“Pierre Luc received an award from Sabian Cymbals in April 2013 for outstanding achievements in Musical Performance. Pierre Luc got the honor to hand pick his new sets of cymbals at the Sabian Factory in Meductic New Brunswick”

“Pierre Luc also received an award (scholarship) from Sabian Cymbals in April 2012 for outstanding achievements in musical Performance


Pierre Luc Lalonde
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