Late Night Trouble and Los Cabos Endorsement

Hi Guys,
I haven’t been writing for a while now. I managed to make it through the pandemic playing and relocated to canada. I’m lucky to have joined Rock Band Late Night Trouble and got some great opportunities with them including opening for John 5 @ the FouFounes Electriques on June 8th in Montreal and playing the XnXE in Toronto on June 16th. Next up will be Rock the Hub in Truro Nova Scotia July 30th.

With this very nice opportunity I am also proud to say I am now endorsed by Los Cabos drumsticks. My favourite stick company for many years as you may notice from my videos and pictures. I am simply happy to be joining and representing them in their artist roster and looking forward to a crazy year of opportunities.

Stay Tuned,

March 2021

Hi Guys!
With the pandemic still raging I’ve been working on some videos with some friends as well as some studio work for some friends. Here’s a few things I had the chance to work on.
This First one here is with my prog-rock band Hocus. A re-release of Blood.

This Next one is from Fusion a Trio, my Fusion Trio. This composition is really awesome. Written and arranged by Daniel Cavalini – Na Lata.

I’ve also had a chance to do a Youtube Live performance for a good cause, this one against domestic violence. This is a quick promo video we created out of it with my blues band Mr.Josh’s Blues and Soul.

Another one with Fusion A Trio, this one from a video series we are launching called Fusion a Trio Convida (invites). The first one from the series with Rayane Lenharo performing Piece of My Heart

In the last little bit I also wrote an article for Music Gateway about running rehearsals.
I hope you enjoy!

I got lots of projects in the works, so stay tuned! 😀

November 2020 Update

Hi Guys!

I’ve been working on a few really cool projects in the last few months and I’ve been really lucky to have the chance to play with some amazing musicians. I’m working on more material and will keep working on some. so stay tuned, but here’s a few of the projects that came out of the oven in the last 3 months.

A cover/arrangement of Lorde’s Royals released in 2013. The idea for this one came to life during my Odd Time Signature Recital @ the ICMP London – The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in 2015. This is a 2.0 version of this performance. I’m super happy about it. Enjoy, Like, Share. Feel free to like and share my Youtube page as well.

Mother of this new 7/8 arrangement from 2015 that inspired this new, studio version.

This is a Fusion project I’ve been a part of since before the Pandemic, its called ”Fusion A Trio”. Its a Fusion band with some great musicians here in Londrina. The composition is from Daniel Cavalini (guitar player). It’s been really awesome working on this material, even remotely. This song is ”Talvez, Quem Sabe?”

An 80’s Classic, ”Here I go Again” from Whitesnake with colleagues from my ship days.

Last but not least is a Halloween Special, a monstrous classic, Monster Mash, featuring my friends Maxime Carrière, Ana Suzuki, René Labelle and Tatiana Benitez.

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Stay Tuned


August 2020 Update

Hi Guys!
Since the last time I have posted on her not much has changed since last time but I thought I’d share some new pictures of my set up and new videos that I managed to pull together with some great musicians and friends from all around the world.

This is Easy from the Commodores the latest one featuring friends from all over the Americas. Vox – Maxime Carrière from Canada, Keys- Tatiana Benitez from Colombia, Guitar – Jeferson Torres from Brasil and Bass – Rodrigo Montenegro from Brasil.

A challenge to my friend Gabriel Zara from Londrina, Pr, Brasil, Page One from Tower of Power

Two covers with my Classic Rock Band – JackDillo

Burn from Deep Purple

Iron Man from Black Sabbath

A cover of the classic Nothing Else Matters from Metallica with René Labelle and Ana Suzuki

Of course I’m working on much more!

Stay Tuned!

May 2020 Update

Hi Guys!
In these weird times that we’re going through with the worldwide pandemic hitting us, I’ve been really lucky to have the chance to play music with some friends remotely and keep my teaching routine going. If ever you want some lessons, make sure to hit me up via e-mail, or directly, using this link, . Teaching on LessonFace has been great and I recommend it to all of my friends both for teaching and taking lessons as well.

I do have more projects on the go that’ll be released a little later. But here’s what’s been published so far since the isolation has started.

Highway Star – Deep Purple Cover by JackDillo Ft. Leonardo Massoni on the B3

Here’s a song called Tempo Atrás by André Sarmanho. Check out his Youtube Channel, he has some amazing stuff going on there.

Nothing but Time – Roxy Searle (Isolation Sessions). This is with a good friend of mine who was the master mind behind this song, Owen Stephen.

This one here, is a song/standard by Freddie Hubbard that I covered with my Friend Fabricio Martins who’s a great Keys player and Producer from Londrina.

This is a Drum Cover of 50 Ways to Leave your Lover by Paul Simon

And a Cover of Lover’s Paradise with Mr. Josh Blues and Co.

Stay Tuned,


March 2020 Update

Hi Guys,
In the last few months I’ve been working on a crazy amount of projects, from Jazz to Progressive Rock as well as some Drum Workshops and Private lessons. I’ve been really inspired to help other musicians increase their capacities and get more focus while drumming. Here’s a blog post from Guilherme @Studio427 sharing some information from my latest clinic on Stick Control and Syncopation.Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 11.36.26 1

Like I also mentioned, I’ve been playing in lots of different projects and its been great for my drumming. I’ve been learning a lot about the skillsets I’ve acquired over the last few years and how they all work together within different styles.

Got lots in the works, I’m looking forward to share more material with you, but in the mean time,
Stay Tuned,

(The 5 pilars of American Drumming) – another Blog Post from Guilherme @Studio427