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November 2020 Update

Hi Guys!

I’ve been working on a few really cool projects in the last few months and I’ve been really lucky to have the chance to play with some amazing musicians. I’m working on more material and will keep working on some. so stay tuned, but here’s a few of the projects that came out of the oven in the last 3 months.

A cover/arrangement of Lorde’s Royals released in 2013. The idea for this one came to life during my Odd Time Signature Recital @ the ICMP London – The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in 2015. This is a 2.0 version of this performance. I’m super happy about it. Enjoy, Like, Share. Feel free to like and share my Youtube page as well.

Mother of this new 7/8 arrangement from 2015 that inspired this new, studio version.

This is a Fusion project I’ve been a part of since before the Pandemic, its called ”Fusion A Trio”. Its a Fusion band with some great musicians here in Londrina. The composition is from Daniel Cavalini (guitar player). It’s been really awesome working on this material, even remotely. This song is ”Talvez, Quem Sabe?”

An 80’s Classic, ”Here I go Again” from Whitesnake with colleagues from my ship days.

Last but not least is a Halloween Special, a monstrous classic, Monster Mash, featuring my friends Maxime Carrière, Ana Suzuki, René Labelle and Tatiana Benitez.

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Stay Tuned