Welcome To My New Website!

PL-Post1Hi everybody,

I am excited to launch my website and I thank you for taking some of your time for checking it out.

This website will be used to promote my career and keep everybody posted about what I do on a regular basis. I also invite you to follow me on Facebook and on Twitter. If you want to get in touch with me concerning a gig opportunity or just to say hi, check out the “Contact” tab.

I have been working really hard, finishing my bachelor’s degree and accomplishing different milestones as part of my professional evolution, this website is a part of that process. Let me explain all the tabs.

This tab will contain weekly posts. I will be announcing new gigs, some cool stuff I found online and obviously, my new releases (Songs, Videos…), anecdotes and my achievements.

About Me
This is my story, I see it as my path to where and what I am doing today.

Upcoming Shows
All my gigs and important events will be posted in this tab.

This tab will contain some song I have performed on. I will try and post stuff on a regular basis.

I will post live videos of my performances as well as some drum cover videos that are currently in the making.

Photo Gallery
The photo tab is like a time machine. See the different gear I used, the different haircuts I had and the different projects I had a chance to play in.

Facebook & Twitter
A link to my official Facebook and Twitter pages that contains some updates, pictures by fans, friends etc…

The best 2 ways to get in touch with me are outlined in this section.

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