New Year’s Post / 2014 in review

Hi guys!
I would like to use this post to wish everybody a fantastic new year, good health, happiness, success and good times for 2015.

2014 in review:
This last year was filled with achievements. I officially launched this website almost a year ago and since then I have developed a lot of content for it; this has been a work in progress with a steep learning curve that modified the way I approach my career and understand media. Achievements that I am particularly proud of were to graduate from Humber College with a Bachelor of music in Contemporary Music Performance and being accepted for my Masters of music in Pop Music Performance at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, England. There were many memorable performances for me this year including Groove Merchants performances, the St-Jean show in Grenville and performing as being a band leader on a party boat in London just to name a few. There will be many more for the upcoming year in the London and European scene.

Present thoughts:
At this moment, I am on a bus from Paris to London, heading back home to take on some new challenges. I feel energized and ready to tackle the many recitals I will be performing on in the next 2 weeks for the Masters recitals we need to present for the completion of our advanced instrumental studies course and advanced ensemble studies. These will be long days, filled with many performances and rehearsals at night which are very stimulating for me.

Thoughts for 2015:
For 2015 I will keep working on my development as a professional in this industry as well as work hard to attain completion my Masters degree. I am working towards more learning, more gigging, more sessions and studio work. Those goals will get me to meet more people to influence me in my career and life. My new year’s resolution will be to expand my horizons to different genres and study styles of music I have never had the chance to investigate.

Stay tuned!

Visited the beautiful city of Paris France for Christmas 2014 /New year 2015.

Visited the beautiful city of Paris France for Christmas 2014 /New year 2015.

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