May 2016 – Update

Hi Guys,
I have delayed my post a little bit since I just started my holidays. I had a blast performing on the Carnival Glory, the 6 nights of performance a week really benefited my playing regarding consistency and helped me build a vast repertoire of songs.  I am now on holidays, enjoying Brazil for a little bit.  Over here, I had the chance to look at the local scene and find amazing musicians to jam with every Tuesdays.  I’m currently resting and getting ready for my next contract with Carnival; scheduled for late July in the Bahamas.

I have also added to my arsenal of drum sets last month. I am so excited about this purchase. I just bought a 4 piece Pearl Masters which matches my Pearl Masters (another 4 piece).

So I had a 20″ kick, 10″, 12″, 14″ toms
Now added a 22″ kick, 12″, 16″ toms and 14″ matching snare.

I cannot wait to get back home and play those! If everything goes well, I will post a few videos when I return to Canada with these new drums in action.

Stay Tuned.


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