October 2016 – Update

Hi guys,
It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here and I really wanted to keep you posted on what I’ve been doing. So here it is. I’m having an amazing time here on the Carnival Victory. I’m really lucky to have an amazing band to perform with 6 nights a week. We survived Hurricane Matthew with minimal amounts of wave by escaping between Cuba and Key West if I’m correct. That left place for 4 days at sea without guests, which meant we had the chance to have short lines at the Pizza Shop, a ghost ship to enjoy and deck parties to entertain the crew members.

Please enjoy the following live video from Living in America , one of the production shows here on the Victory. I’m really happy to be playing on this fantastic show.

Excerpt from Living in America, Finally.

I’ll have some live videos from our Casino Sets very soon!

Stay Tuned,

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