February 2017 – Update

Hi Guys!

Good News! I’m on holidays!
I just finished a 6 month contract on the Carnival Victory as a Music Director and I am now in the really warm country of Brasil. In the next 3 months I will be relaxing, enjoying Brasil, learning Portuguese and getting some private lessons in Brazilian drumming.   To do so I have added some new gear to my arsenal. A lovely Odery Café Kit.  I have mounted the brazilian drum set with some Remo Silentstroke heads and I am trying out the new Zildjian L80’s to complete my silent set up.  So far it has been a blast working on this new drum set. The Zildjian L80’s are phenomenal since they feel like real cymbals, but without their deafening sound output.

Like I said, I’m on holidays but don’t worry, I’ve already started practicing a few of my favourite exercises i.e coordination, reading, click displacement…etc, and some good old play alongs.   I can’t wait to post some pictures of events I will have gone to and keep you posted about my trip and learning experience!

Stay Tuned!


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