March 2018

Hey Guys!
It has been such a long time since my last post. Here is a quick recap of the last few months as well as a preview of the upcoming months. I just finished a 7 month contract during which I had the chance to rehearse at Carnival Studios for 1 month with the Glorious Bandsters. We were refugees on the Carnival Glory for a few days in order to escape Hurricane Irma on a cruise to nowhere. During that time we had the chance to jam with all the musicians seeking refuge on the Carnival Victory. Then, we transferred to the Glory where our contract started. The 6 months on the ship flew by playing all genres of music and meeting amazing people.

Here is a picture from our elegant evening on the Glory:                      IMG_0758.JPG

I am currently in Brazil, enjoying my vacation and reloading for the upcoming contracts. I am headed towards the Carnival Freedom, based in Galveston Texas, for a brief contract and then transferring for the Carnival Horizon, based in Miami, in September 2018. I’m looking forward to taking on this new challenge and enjoying the new ship, layout and technologies. I have a bank of pictures and video that I need to go through and release for you very soon. I am looking forward to all of this!

Stay tuned!

Picture from Carnival Studios:


and a picture of the original line up.FB_IMG_1521646963751.jpg

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