October 2019 Update – New Online Recordings

Hi Guys!
I’m writing to you from my vacation! Yes, I’m back in Canada for about 20 days when I’ll head back to Brasil to continue growing my music work there. Things have been going very well, playing and subbing for different bands and I’m very happy with the growth I’ve been doing both in my business and playing. I’m still working on growing my teaching schedule on LessonFace and still I’m really excited about it, its such a nice platform.

At this moment I’m packing some of my stuff so that when I head back mid November I can finish setting up my studio into a full drum recording space. I’ll then be launching my Fiverr Page where I’ll be offering recordings for people’s albums all over the world. Once set up I’ll be posting videos of the gear I have ready to track for other people and work on some quick 3-4 minute online drum lessons, in french to start, and eventually I’ll probably translate them as well.

I’m really excited about all the work I’m doing and will be doing in the next little bit!
Stay Tuned!


Picture with Toxic Trio .   74666264_2445845285464808_8367941871502098432_o.jpg74492029_2445848558797814_2323254149501681664_o.jpg


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