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March 2020 Update

Hi Guys,
In the last few months I’ve been working on a crazy amount of projects, from Jazz to Progressive Rock as well as some Drum Workshops and Private lessons. I’ve been really inspired to help other musicians increase their capacities and get more focus while drumming. Here’s a blog post from Guilherme @Studio427 sharing some information from my latest clinic on Stick Control and Syncopation.Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 11.36.26 1

Like I also mentioned, I’ve been playing in lots of different projects and its been great for my drumming. I’ve been learning a lot about the skillsets I’ve acquired over the last few years and how they all work together within different styles.

Got lots in the works, I’m looking forward to share more material with you, but in the mean time,
Stay Tuned,

(The 5 pilars of American Drumming) – another Blog Post from Guilherme @Studio427

October 2019 Update – New Online Recordings

Hi Guys!
I’m writing to you from my vacation! Yes, I’m back in Canada for about 20 days when I’ll head back to Brasil to continue growing my music work there. Things have been going very well, playing and subbing for different bands and I’m very happy with the growth I’ve been doing both in my business and playing. I’m still working on growing my teaching schedule on LessonFace and still I’m really excited about it, its such a nice platform.

At this moment I’m packing some of my stuff so that when I head back mid November I can finish setting up my studio into a full drum recording space. I’ll then be launching my Fiverr Page where I’ll be offering recordings for people’s albums all over the world. Once set up I’ll be posting videos of the gear I have ready to track for other people and work on some quick 3-4 minute online drum lessons, in french to start, and eventually I’ll probably translate them as well.

I’m really excited about all the work I’m doing and will be doing in the next little bit!
Stay Tuned!


Picture with Toxic Trio .   74666264_2445845285464808_8367941871502098432_o.jpg74492029_2445848558797814_2323254149501681664_o.jpg


September 2019 – Update – Online Lessons

Hi Guys!
Its September and I’m changing gears and working into my new online drum lesson schedule. I have a few spots available for students from all over the world to join me over the internet to learn drums. I’m doing so by teaming up with LessonFace which is a great online lesson platform so I can reach more people and cater specially to the people that live outside of the big centers where you have the most access to drum lessons.

Here are my promo videos! Please share them with your friends and family. Lessons are available both in French and English.

Click here to reserve your very own Free Introductory lesson.


I have also been very lucky to be playing with more and more projects here in Londrina, joining Toxic Trio and a corporate band that works the Wedding and private party events around the city.
I’m very excited to get to play more every month in this city.
Stay Tuned

July Update – 2019

Hi guys!
Here is my update for the month of July! I’ve been relaxing, playing some jazz gigs and working on rendering some of the videos I collected from the Horizon. Below are 2 videos that I managed to get out from our 2019 New Year Eve celebrations.

I’m also happy to be subbing in Hocus (Hocus Pocus) here in Londrina for the “Dia International do Rock” (International Rock Day) during the Music Festival that they have here on July 13th.

More stuff coming up. Stay Tuned!

April 2019 – Update – New Video

Hi guys!
I’ve been enjoying my vacation, resting, spending time with my loved ones and playing the odd gig or jam. As promised I’ve been working on videos! Here is a video from the very beginning of the contract. From our Disco preview with Event Horizon, here’s a short preview of this performance.

There’s more in the works!
Stay Tuned!

March 2019 – Update – New Video Posts

Hey guys!
Its been a year since I have posted anything, but this time I’m coming back with some videos and pictures since I just came back from my Carnival Horizon Contract! It was a very fun contract with an incredible band and the best team in the fleet for our 6 month on board.

I’m now headed to Brasil for a well deserved vacation. After a few weeks I’ll be working on new material and hopefully by the end of the vacation I will have shared a lot of video content with you.

Feel Free to share those videos as you wish.

I Want to Break Free – Event Horizon

Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now – Event Horizon

Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough – Event Horizon 

Band Picture – Event Horizon and Gravity Horns
Eric – Brenner – Moises – Pierre Luc – George
Matt – Paulo – Pheona – Lucas

p063843566 copy.jpg