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June/July 2017 Update

Hi Guys,
Its been a while since I’ve posted anything over here. I just made it home to Canada 4 weeks ago and I’m about to leave again for at least 7.5 month. Needless to say, I’ve been busy.  In fact, I’m about to leave for another contract, I’m going back to the Carnival Glory, sailing the Caribbean’s on 7 day runs. I’m sure I’ll have an amazing team and I’m looking forward to meeting my band. I’m truly excited about everything that has been going on in the last year and I finally got to get some new videos happening! Here is a fresh one! One of my favorite Tower of Power songs. Page One – Tower of Power. Thanks for Watching.

Stay Tuned,

February 2017 – Update

Hi Guys!

Good News! I’m on holidays!
I just finished a 6 month contract on the Carnival Victory as a Music Director and I am now in the really warm country of Brasil. In the next 3 months I will be relaxing, enjoying Brasil, learning Portuguese and getting some private lessons in Brazilian drumming.   To do so I have added some new gear to my arsenal. A lovely Odery Café Kit.  I have mounted the brazilian drum set with some Remo Silentstroke heads and I am trying out the new Zildjian L80’s to complete my silent set up.  So far it has been a blast working on this new drum set. The Zildjian L80’s are phenomenal since they feel like real cymbals, but without their deafening sound output.

Like I said, I’m on holidays but don’t worry, I’ve already started practicing a few of my favourite exercises i.e coordination, reading, click displacement…etc, and some good old play alongs.   I can’t wait to post some pictures of events I will have gone to and keep you posted about my trip and learning experience!

Stay Tuned!


2016 Review!!!

Hi Guys,
I wanted to wish everybody a happy new year. At this moment I am still on the Carnival Victory where we just had the most amazing Holiday Season!  With one month left, I have to say I have been really proud of our amazing team and I am hoping for equally fruitful contracts in the future.
Here is a picture of our amazing entertainment team on the Carnival Victory.


And here is a picture of my set up to celebrate the new year in Nassau Bahamas.


We had a great time ending the year with a great set of Rock Classics to assure that 2017 will be a great year! I will be starting the year with a vacation in February heading to Brazil where I will learn Brazilian Portuguese and Drumming Lessons.  I hope I can get some drum videos happening when I’m there so I can share with you!


Here is a picture from our crowd as we celebrated the arrival of the new year!

Stay Tuned!

October 2016 – Update

Hi guys,
It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here and I really wanted to keep you posted on what I’ve been doing. So here it is. I’m having an amazing time here on the Carnival Victory. I’m really lucky to have an amazing band to perform with 6 nights a week. We survived Hurricane Matthew with minimal amounts of wave by escaping between Cuba and Key West if I’m correct. That left place for 4 days at sea without guests, which meant we had the chance to have short lines at the Pizza Shop, a ghost ship to enjoy and deck parties to entertain the crew members.

Please enjoy the following live video from Living in America , one of the production shows here on the Victory. I’m really happy to be playing on this fantastic show.

Excerpt from Living in America, Finally.

I’ll have some live videos from our Casino Sets very soon!

Stay Tuned,

July 2016 – Update

Hi Guys!
Its nice to be on vacation, but it seems like I work more than when I actually work. I’ve been getting my next Carnival Contract ready and practicing everyday. Its been really amazing playing my new drums as well as my new Yamaha Dtxm-12. I’m working on some new material with these bad boys!

I’ve also been digging out some old footage from various performances and would like to share the following with you. This is an interpretation of Stop! by Joe Bonamassa, played in 11/8. This was for my odd time recital back in January 2015 at ICMP. I hope you like it!

Stay Tuned!

May 2016 – Update

Hi Guys,
I have delayed my post a little bit since I just started my holidays. I had a blast performing on the Carnival Glory, the 6 nights of performance a week really benefited my playing regarding consistency and helped me build a vast repertoire of songs.  I am now on holidays, enjoying Brazil for a little bit.  Over here, I had the chance to look at the local scene and find amazing musicians to jam with every Tuesdays.  I’m currently resting and getting ready for my next contract with Carnival; scheduled for late July in the Bahamas.

I have also added to my arsenal of drum sets last month. I am so excited about this purchase. I just bought a 4 piece Pearl Masters which matches my Pearl Masters (another 4 piece).

So I had a 20″ kick, 10″, 12″, 14″ toms
Now added a 22″ kick, 12″, 16″ toms and 14″ matching snare.

I cannot wait to get back home and play those! If everything goes well, I will post a few videos when I return to Canada with these new drums in action.

Stay Tuned.